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What is an F.A.Q.?

bulletAn F.A.Q. is a Frequently Asked Question.   Don't ever be afraid to ask questions. It costs nothing to ask, and you have everything to gain.   Click here to e-mail YOUR question.

What is a WEB Site?

bulletA "WEB Site" consists of a number of individual pages (this is one page of the Digby Systems WEB Site) which are linked together so a viewer can move between them easily.  A page is NOT limited in length, but is usually no more than 250-300 words.  A simple personal WEB Site is typically about 2-3 pages, a Business WEB Site may be much larger.

What are the Types Of Sites?

bulletA site can be a "Virtual Domain" having its own registered name (www.your-site-name.com), or it may be a "Non-Virtual Domain" (typical for most personal sites) which resides under our domain (www.digbysystems/your-site-name).

What should be on a Web Page?

bulletText, pictures, graphics (drawings or sketches, cartoons, etc.) - pretty much anything you want to have on it.

bulletAll Pages should be BRIEF, with "white space".  You don't want to overdo the amount of text on a single page.  Nobody will want to read it.  (Keep It Simple)

bulletGraphics are nice and add much to a page if used in moderation.  Too many pictures, links, animations and colors may make the page load slowly, and "turn off" potential viewers. 

bulletPhotos should add value to a site - not just be there because they are pretty.   Also, the photo should emphasize the subject - not the background - crop, crop, and crop again!!!)

What should NOT be on a WEB Page?

bulletIn a Personal page, you do not want to include personal identification such as your home address, personal phone number, or other "confidential" information you would not want known to ALL.  If appropriate, this can be shared one-on-one with others who contact you. 

Remember, once you publish a page to the WEB, the entire world has access to it. 

bulletWhen you put up text or pictures, ANYONE can download them, and use them - it is nearly impossible to enforce copyright laws on the Internet.

OK, Now What?

bulletThis is the easy part.  Decide what you want your page to convey.   Gather your thoughts, ideas, photos (need to be good quality).


bulletChoose the colors you would like (or better yet, let us do it for you)  


bulletThen contact the sitemaster@digbysystems.com.   We will help you to organize your page information into a unique page for you.

Click the "Samples" button for some ideas.

Remember, YOUR page is limited only by your imagination!

Click to contact  sitemaster@digbysystems.com

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