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DEZI - Ch. Blue Panda Desert Dreamer - BIS

The Blue Panda Kennel...has long been involved with the preservation of the breed at its best.  We breed to produce beautiful dogs who are sound in mind and body.  Dogs from our breeding have proved their excellence in Conformation, Obedience, Herding, Companion Animal, Therapy and Agility. 

Although I had OES before 1963 I did not officially establish the Kennel until then.  Blue Panda has stood for the highest goals in breeding since then.  We take our dogs seriously and encourage those who buy dogs from us to do all they can with their dogs.  

 That is what has gained our 70 American Champions their more than 200 titles and awards.  Several have been awarded "BEST IN SHOW" in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  

We have achieved a number of firsts with the aid of the people who chose to buy a "Blue Panda" such as the first 2 AKC herding titles, the first "team" to win at the OESCA National specialty. We are very proud of the dedication that our puppy buyers have put into their dogs.

You cannot achieve this kind of success without breeding dogs who are sound of mind and body.  All our breeding stock are tested for inheritable diseases and all dogs receive complete health tests before sale.  

Our dogs are sold on contracts that provide protection for the dog, buyer and seller and include a lifetime "return to the seller" clause.   We offer assistance in training, showing, grooming, breeding and rescue of OES.   Puppies are sold by reservation.  Tested adults are sometimes available.  Stud services to approved tested bitches.  Frozen/chilled semen options are available.


Dianne McKee-Rowland
e-mail: mamabluepanda@wa.net

Lita Long
e-mail: bluepandabobtails@yahoo.com

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