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Business WEB Site will not eliminate the need for print or other forms of advertising.  The WWW offers the business market an inexpensive adjunct to print advertising.  

A business card for a local business can become an entire advertising supplement of current information, services, hours and pricing.   Simply add: "See our web page at http://www.mybusiness for additional information".  

The cost of a Business Site on the WEB should be allocated only a small part of your total advertising budget.  However, it will provide you with a means of reaching your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in their homes.  It includes much more information on your business and services than a paper advertisement could ever do.

Your Business Site offers much more than a simple "Stop in and see our new line of products" with a fuzzy black and white picture.  It is in color, can include product photos and literature, descriptive text, and more.  It can even receive questions and accept orders. 

Key Benefits

bulletAvailable ALL the time

bulletIn Color

bulletNot limited to only a few lines

bulletDoes not become "Yesterday's News" and go out in "Today's Trash"

bulletAugments print and audio advertisements at a low cost

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