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Why A Page?

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Example costs shown are offered for your information only.

Actual quoted costs are dependent on the complexity of the page, amount of graphics or photographs, need for forms for data collection, E-mail accounts, and other items.   All costs are in US dollars.

Personal and Small Business Page Design

bulletA "simple" 2-3 page Personal or business WEB page with several photographs, graphics, and linking to your current E-mail would be approximately $300 to create.

bulletA "Small Business Page" of 5-6 pages containing numerous product photographs, animations, forms, sale information, business hours, etc., would be $500 or greater.

bulletThe MiniPage - follow the link for complete information.   This is a great option if you want a small "event" type page.

Again, these costs are just to provide an idea.  YOUR cost may be less or more, depending on what you need and want.

Hosting Services

bulletNon-Virtual Domain Space is available to host your site at $10 per month (only about 30 a day).  A Non-Virtual Domain means that the site resides in the Digby Systems Virtual Domain, and is accessed as:  "http://www.digbysystems.com/your-site-name"

bulletVirtual Domain Space is essentially a pass through cost to you.  Digby Systems sets you up with the host, and passes their costs through to you.  Check for current pricing at any of MANY hosting services.  Some even include free domain name registration to new customers, but the cost is generally low in any case.  Digby Systems recommends LunarPages - - its been good for us, and is where this site is hosted.  Their basic plan is generally more than adequate for most sites, and costs about $60 per year for hosting.  There are other benefits to virtual hosting, contact us for more information.   A Virtual Domain Site would be accessed as: "http://www.your-site-name.com"

Maintenance Services

bulletSite maintenance is based on an hourly rate of $50 per hour, with a minimum charge of $25.  As the maintenance is typically minor, your cost will be approximately $50-$75.  This may also be a quoted service.

bulletSite maintenance for a business site often requires substantial revision to reflect new products, sale prices and other promotional information.  While these updates can also be completed at an hourly rate, providing these updates as a quoted service would be more cost effective, and is suggested.


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