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Low Cost! Easy! Fast! By the Month!

bulletWhat Is It?

bulletIt is THE ANSWER for many needs . . . a simple, low cost, and quick way to get on the Internet. 

bulletWhat does it offer me?

bulletQuick turnaround.  Up and running in a day or so.

bulletLow cost - simple and short means MUCH lower cost.

bulletText, Pictures and Graphics - you decide

bulletNo long-term contract for hosting services - hosted by the month, one month minimum.

bulletWhy Would I want one?

bulletTo promote your Business - a low cost, simple web page will get you started.  Doesn't take much  - your Business name, specials, hours, contact information location - that's all you need to start  - you can always add more!!! 
[Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3]


bulletTo announce the birth or adoption of a child - put their picture on the Internet for your friends and relatives to see (and download if they would like).

bulletCelebrate a wedding, anniversary,   birthday, christening, graduation, or other event in your life with friends and family.

bulletProvide information about a family reunion so distant relatives and friends can "check-in" and e-mail directly to you.  Include directions, hotels, menus, etc.

bulletPost pictures and a long description of items for sale or rent.  Prospective clients - from around the country and around the world - can be referred to the page for a first hand look.  (House, car, vacation rental unit)

bulletPlace College or School reunion information on the page - refer class members to the page for up-to-date information.

bulletUse it for anything that strikes your fancy.  Great for getting out information to many -- simply post the information and pictures, and give out YOUR web page address. 

bulletWhat Do I Get On A MiniPage?

bulletYou get a non-virtual domain WEB Page of approximately 400 words.  (That's about the size of this page).  You provide the information and we'll work with you to make it fit perfectly!

bulletIncludes three pictures.  Useable scanned images or  good quality photographs suitable for scanning are  required.   (Photographs will be returned).

bulletAdd a clipart style graphic, from your library or mine, to personalize YOUR page even more.

bulletA Link to your e-mail.

bulletOne Month (30 calendar days) of hosting on my server. (Additional hosting available on month-to-month basis, for as long as you need at very reasonable rate.

bulletOK, So What Is The Cost?
bulletA Flat $99(US).  That's it, just $99 for all.

You get the design and development of your WEB Page, as stated above,  PLUS one month of hosting service for just $99.   (Additional hosting is available at $6/month - that's only about 20 a day)

Virtual domain minipages are also available at the same $99 design cost, however hosting charges will be higher.  Contact us for additional information.

Special requests can be accommodated, often at little or no additional cost.

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Check out a SAMPLE MiniPage
This may be just what YOU were looking for!!

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