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7 1/2 Weeks

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Uncle Brandon

Leave my Tail alone!!

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I've got you, babe!

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1023pups in bush 1.jpg (33092 bytes) Puppies
in the bush

Can you find

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Mom  (in her "Sunday Best") 'n Me
(The "Sunday Best" story)

But I AM Comfortable!!!

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1023pup 1a.jpg (15013 bytes) 1023pup 1b.jpg (27393 bytes) "Number One"

Puppy 1

11 1/2 lbs.

1023pup 2a.jpg (14812 bytes) 1023pup 2b.jpg (18328 bytes) "Chunker"

Puppy 2

12 lbs.

1023pup 3a.jpg (15864 bytes) 1023pup 3b.jpg (13065 bytes) "Little Girl"

Puppy 3

10 1/4 lbs.

1023pup 4a.jpg (13040 bytes) 1023pup 4b.jpg (13765 bytes) "Big Splash"

Puppy 4

12 lbs.

1023pup 5a.jpg (14669 bytes) 1023pup 5b.jpg (19436 bytes) "Black Nose"

Puppy 5

11 1/4lbs.

1023pup 6a.jpg (15033 bytes) 1023PUP 6B.jpg (10426 bytes) "Little Splash"

Puppy 6

11 lbs.

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Brandon is the Rescue Dog we adopted ourselves out of the rescue program we run.  He has been with us about a year, TAIL and all. (Check out Brandon's Page).  He just LOVES the puppies.  He lets them climb all over him, attempt to nurse (ouch!) pull his tail, bite his ears and generally hang all over him.  He leads them, like a hairy Pied Piper, into the woods   where he is teaching them to do leg lifts and other "guy" things (our fenced area goes a short ways into the woods, so they can't get lost).  They love the woods and play in the leaves and branches - climbing over and under everything, and racing all over the place. 

Dapple (See Dapple Ann's Page) loves them too - preferably with a light cream sauce and fries on the side.  She is the Alpha Bitch, and has taught them to leave her ALONE.  (I want to be here with you, just don't TOUCH ME!!!)







Mom's "Sunday Best"

In an attempt to "discourage" nursing by the Dracula toothed pups, while letting Dandi have full (supervised) access to them, we dressed her in two "T" shirts.  LARGE "T" shirts.  One over the head and front legs, one over the butt and back legs.  Worked real well.  She had freedom of movement to run and jump, and protection from teeth.  Only needed for a few days - she taught them to stay away real fast when the rest of the teeth started to come in! 

It's really fun to watch the mother/pup interaction as she plays tug- the-sock, bite-the-butt or runs with them chasing her or her chasing them.



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