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9 1/2 WEEKS

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1106PUPmobile2a.jpg (14831 bytes)

The 2 seater
"Sport Coupe"

How do you move 6 puppies
from the dining room to the backyard every 2-3 hours?

Why, a PUPMOBILE of course!!

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1106PUPmobile1.jpg (15924 bytes)

"Mini Van"

1106escape-1.jpg (16011 bytes)

I KNOW I can

Mr. Blacknose goes over the wall

HA, Ha Ha Haaaa!

1106escape- 2.jpg (11383 bytes)
1106Brandon&pups-play.jpg (18474 bytes)

Yes, he IS under there

We Love our Big Brother Brandon

"OK guys, This is a tree..."

1106Brandon & pups&woods.jpg (19154 bytes)
1106Brandon & pup.jpg (21126 bytes) Me and My brother

Don't just stand there,

1106PUP-on-step.jpg (11427 bytes)


1106PUP1B.jpg (31220 bytes) 1106PUP1A.jpg (21371 bytes) "Number One"
Puppy 1
17.2 lbs.
14"H x 14 1/2" L
1106PUP2A.jpg (16849 bytes) 1106PUP2B.jpg (12413 bytes) "Chunker"
Puppy 2
17.0 lbs.
14 1/8"H x 14 1/2"L
1106PUP3a.jpg (14748 bytes) 1106PUP3b.jpg (11739 bytes) "Little Girl"
Puppy 3
14.8 lbs.
12 7/8"H x 13 3/4"L
1106PUP4a.jpg (16470 bytes) 1106PUP4b.jpg (11111 bytes) "Big Splash"
Puppy 4
18.2 lbs.
13 1/2"H x 13 3/4"L
1106PUP5a.jpg (16221 bytes) 1106PUP5b.jpg (10013 bytes) "Black Nose"
Puppy 5
16.8 lbs.
13 1/8"H x 13 1/4" L
1106PUP6a.jpg (16978 bytes) 1106PUP6b.jpg (9709 bytes) "Little Splash"
Puppy 6
16.8 lbs.
13 7/8" H x 14 7/8L



With the puppies living in our dining room, we had to find a way to easily move them to our fenced in back yard for potty breaks and play time.  We started with the "Coupe", being able to fit all six comfortably.  As the days passed however, we soon needed the family "minivan", which again comfortably held six (heavier) puppies.  Once more time flew past, and soon the coupe was put back in  service as we "convoyed" the crew outdoors - 4 and 2 at a time  - fortunately the "Big Guys" travel under their own power. 

Now, at almost ten weeks, getting them out is much easier.   We simply open the pen (in the dining room) and the back door in the laundry room, and a herd of puppies runs eagerly to the top step on the deck and waits to be be helped down.  To get them in, however, we  play Noah, taking them in two by two under our arms - once we catch them!. 


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