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4 Weeks

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Aunt Dapple and Uncle Brandon

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We're with our Grampa and Happy!!

At least some of us are!

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Tough Life!!

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The Great Escape I
(Time To Add Walls!)

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930 escape 1.jpg (12919 bytes)

The Great Escape II
(Walls Don't Help!)

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930 over the wall.jpg (9940 bytes)

"Walls  - HA!!!"

Puppy Porn

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930pup 1a.jpg (16875 bytes) 930pup 1b.jpg (15251 bytes) "Number One"

Puppy 1


930pup 2a.jpg (19011 bytes) 930pup 2b.jpg (18743 bytes) "Chunker"

Puppy 2


930pup 3a.jpg (19307 bytes) 930pup 3b.jpg (18661 bytes) "Little Girl"

Puppy 3


930pup 4a.jpg (18124 bytes) 930pup 4b.jpg (16417 bytes) "Big Splash"

Puppy 4


930pup 5a.jpg (15342 bytes) 930pup 5b.jpg (13860 bytes) "Black Nose"

Puppy 5


930pup 6a.jpg (20296 bytes) 930pup 6b.jpg (17142 bytes) "Little Splash"

Puppy 6


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The Rest of the Story

You have to understand that all of this activity is taking place in our dining room.  This sofa is placed across the entrance to the foyer, a gate closes off the other door.  The folding gate (locked so it won't fold) is to keep the big guys from jumping over the sofa to join us (they can do it easily!!) or to go to the front door.  The carpet is "mostly" covered  by a tarp.  The table is covered with "dog stuff" (scales, towels, first aid kit whelping supplies, etc).  While the big guys have free access to the room now, Brandon likes to poke his head under the gate to get rubbed.  Dapple "flings" onto her back to get belly rubs.  With four  hands (divide by 2 to get the number of humans) and nine dogs that want attention, it does get hectic at times.