Mabel and Franlkin (Mom and Dad) are calling the family together for the first family reunion since Aunt Carla's in 1987 - and we all remember THAT one!!!!!. 

To capture this moment in history, we "kids" are trying to get ALL the family together for pictures, stories, and FUN.  We are taking over Bluehead  Field,  just down the road from Gum Tree Corner for the ENTIRE weekend.   You can park your camp trailer, set up a tent, or bunk with us.  Motels are available if you really don't want to be too close to the rest of family - we can understand.  

All are welcome (even Uncle Billy). 

The Directions are easy to follow, even Grampa Dave will be able to find the way.   Just watch for the plume of smoke from the grills and the cloud of mosquitos.

Uncle Willy promises to bring some of his special Bar-B-Q chili (we all know how great that is), and cousins Mary-Jo and Amy are bringing their famous chicken.  We'll have steak, ribs, corn on the cob, pies and more.  Of course there will be "refreshments", but  you can bring more!

We have about 80 confirmed as of today - the breakdown is:

M&D Kids Grand
Uncles Aunts Ex's
1 Set 7 16 6 2 14 22 12


Rememberies - Do you have any to share?

bulletFrankie's new puppy - kept us all up for a week
bulletJimmy's first day of school - and his frog
bulletUncle Bill's Girlfriend Frannie
bulletUncle Willy's  Bar-B-Q chili
bulletFred's Barn (boy did we learn a lot there!!!!)
bulletOur first tractor - and last work horse
bulletSkinny-dipping at the lake - that was interesting!
bulletRemember when Officer Ken caught us?


Fred's Barn

Remember the hay loft?  We spent many a happy hour up there, didn't we!!!  Fred said we could go back up if we wanted - just don't scare the cows!!!! 

Remember Donny and June?  They remember the Hay Loft. They have 4 kids now!!

Fred's Barn


Our Livestock has been looking a bit strange since the new factory opened!

This is a COW?!?!?!



The Lake

AHHHHH - The Lake
The swing rope is still hanging from the old tree
waiting for us to come back!
COME ON IN - The water's fine!!!

So pack a bag, grab the kids and the camera (as usual, Mom & Dad will refuse to have their picture taken), dump on the insect repellent (also works for Aunt Ida) and

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"Rememberies", information or to commit to coming!!


Gum Tree Corner

You all know where GUM TREE CORNER is (yeah, its the one with the big Gum Tree), so go there from the highway.   Go about a mile to Fred's barn, make the left, then another, and go to the end of the road.   Stop before you run into the lake - we want to keep it clean! 

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