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Why A Page?

These Links will take you to simple samples, hosted on our server, of what a WEB Page design could contain.  They are offered to give you an idea of what YOU might like to do. 

SOME are fictitious, as you'll soon see, so don't take the content to heart or think you know whose page it is.   If you would like to contribute an idea for a (humorous) sample contact us.

Come back often as more will be added as time permits.

Unity Service Ambulance This is a simple Multi-Page Site.   The graphics were originally from cloth patches which were "scanned in". 

A Feedback Form could be added.

Barb's OES Page A fairly large Personal Site with a Table of Contents, numerous pictures and animated graphics
Family Reunion This is a SAMPLE MiniPage.    It is a single page site with several photographs, e-mail links and text.   A MiniPage is a good place to start if you want to build a personal page.  It is also a great "EVENT" page.
PUPPIES This is an event based site, primarily for picture display (Photo Albums.)
Willie's World A Dog's home page.
Trudy's Treasures A SAMPLE Hobby/Collectables Business Site.  Small, simple, to the point and cost effective.  Can add a lot more, but is it really necessary?
REUNION PLACE A sample Party Planner Page.   Individual client pages are linked to the main page.

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