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Why A Page?

Your Personal or Business page will need a place to reside on the WEB.  Digby Systems offers you a host location that provides highly reliable service at a low cost.   Additionally, pages with "fresh" updates of current information bring in more visitors than one that is allowed to become stale.  We offer a maintenance service to keep your site current at a low cost.

Hosting of your site

bulletYour WEB Page may be hosted on your Internet Service Provider's site or on our server.   

bulletFees are on a Monthly or Yearly basis

bulletIf you don't have an E-mail address, or want a different one, we can provide one for a low fee.  The better option is to use your existing address to receive mail generated by your site.

bulletYour site can gather visitor feedback or other data, which can be E-mailed directly to you.

bulletIf you develop your own site, and only need a place for it to reside, we can help. 

bulletWe will provide you with adequate space for your "Non-Virtual" WEB Site.   (Remember:  Pictures = Space!)
bulletAdditional Space and "Virtual Site" space is available.
bulletE-mail accounts are also available

Maintenance of your site

bulletSite Maintenance is not a RE-DO of the site.

bulletMaintenance includes adding/changing links, changing photographs and associated changes to text, and other minor revisions. 

bulletSite Maintenance, on a schedule set by you, is needed to assure that current information is made available to the public. 

bulletMaintenance Costs are dependent on the scope and frequency of changes.  A store's Business Page advertising products, for example, would require more frequent and larger revisions than a Business Page offering a Service such as for an Attorney.

For rates and sample costs follow the link to the "COSTS" page

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