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Members of Unity Service Ambulance with their new 2002 PL Custom Ambulance  
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Proud to have been even a small a part of the EMS task force sent to offer support to the Medical, Fire, Police and Residents of NYC on September 11, 2001.
May we all Ride Safe

Our 1976 Ambulance Page

Our 2002 Ambulance Page

Unity Service Ambulance, Squad 36-9, was formed in 1978 by a group of township residents who volunteered their time to help their neighbors.  We are located in South Harrison Township, Gloucester County New Jersey, about 40 miles from Atlantic City and about 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Pa.   We started out with a used, white Cadillac station wagon ambulance 24 years ago.   Today, we are still a dedicated group of township residents volunteering our time to help our neighbors.

We are a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit with about twenty members on the roster, about half of which are "active" and respond regularly to calls.  We run about 200 calls per year, with around one-third being "mutual aid" or "second ambulance" for surrounding communities.  Our average response time, from when we are toned out to having our rig on the road, is about 8 minutes - and in most cases, an EMT will go directly to the  scene of the emergency and begin to provide treatment prior to the rig's arrival. 

Our current ambulance is a 2002 "box" type, made by PL Custom, mounted on a Ford chassis. The value of our truck and equipment exceeds $150,000.

As a non-profit, tax exempt organization,  your donation to us may be deducted on your itemized federal income tax return.

Like so many other volunteers organizations around the world, we cannot pass up the chance to remind you to volunteer your time to help save lives.  Nor can we stress enough the importance of learning first aid and CPR.  Learn it for your family. 

We hope the following pages will give you an insight into the concerns we face daily and what you can do to help us help you.  Additionally, the FIRST AID 101 page may give you some helpful hints in case of an emergency. 

Browse around - you never know what you might find!  

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