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Unity Service Ambulance
will be 20 years old in November, 1998.   It's amazing how little our group's goals, needs and ideas have changed since we incorporated on November 8, 1978.  See "New in 1978" for the Times article and a photo from back then.

For the last 20 years we have been the primary provider of emergency care for the residents of South Harrison Township.  Over the years, the level of our emergency medical training, and the skills of our members have continuously increased.  Similarly, our emergency equipment and supplies have vastly improved in both quality and quantity.

We started the Squad in  1978 with a used "Caddy" Ambulance (see "New in 1978").  Great ride, but very small inside.  Essentially it was a station wagon with a stretcher.

76box.jpg (22790 bytes)In 1986, a 1976 Chevy "box" type ambulance was donated to us.  It had outlived it's usefulness to the previous owner, and was destined for the scrap heap.  We fixed it up, gave it a paint job, and put it in service.  It served us well till we saved enough money to purchase a new rig in the fall of 1990.  (Click here for pictures))

leftside_small.jpg (1830 bytes)In 1990 we finally had enough saved, and with additional loans, were able to  purchase the Lifeline   Ambulance we have now.   We all agreed, after looking at a number of vendors, that when the decision was made and the truck rolled up, we would all love it.  The Ford Chassis has had problems with throwing belts, but then, it IS a FORD.  The "box" has been excellent. 


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