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More than you really want to know

leftside.jpg (17266 bytes) 1991 LIFELINE Box on a Ford Chassis.
MUCH better paint job!!
right side.jpg (15645 bytes) It even has TWO sides!!
Note the sides angle in at the top.
We have lots of narrow driveways with low trees.
91 INSIDE-BK.jpg (11352 bytes) Very nice interior.  We can move the big stretcher to the side and put a folding one on the bench seat to carry two back-boarded patients.
91 INSIDE-BOX.jpg (14452 bytes) Lots of room for "STUFF"
91 IN DOOR.jpg (16087 bytes) Its a tight fit. 
Can't become a driver until you can back it in.
(In less than 10 tries!)


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