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More than you really want to know

Drivers side of new 36-91-

2002 PL Custom Medallion 100 E-Super on a Ford Chassis.   Built right here in NJ!!

Six Foot interior height in the patient compartment  makes working inside much easier.

We added a Back-up camera (right in the driver's sun visor) to add to safety.

Passenger side of new 36-91

Notice we now have windows on BOTH sides of the body, and (although you can't see them) we have skylights as well

We decided on the regular "Box" this time.  The added storage space and interior room makes a big difference

The rear passenger side compartment has the O2 Tank, complete with a power lift to protect our backs while changing it out.

Rear of new 36-91 Out "BUTT's" pretty nice too!!

Note the "Traffic Advisor" arrow stick light bar top center - sequentially flashes across it's width - another safety item.

Our Lighting package is made up of mostly LED lights - very low power usage, yet very visible - so we can run a bunch.

We also have Strobe lights to keep us visible, and added "Under Chassis" ground lighting for use "On Scene" to add to our safety

Check back again soon for more photos - even some while under construction!!!

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