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      New in '78
         A '76 in '86
         A '91 in '90
         An '02 in '02

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Until 1985, we housed our ambulance wherever we could find the room and get permission.  We used private garages, barns, and driveways. 

Home Since 1985In 1985, the township allowed us to rent a 15" x 30" bay in the Municipal Garage, and gave us permission to fix it up as we liked.  We finished the inside, put in an overhead door with opener, cabinets for supplies, and a bathroom.  We then quickly filled the available space. 

91_IN_DOOR_small.jpg (2322 bytes)When we purchased our new ambulance in 1990, one of the main considerations was if it would fit in the door (the mirrors clear with only a few inches to spare).

The useful life of an ambulance is considered to be about 10 years.  Ours is "New in 2002" and we are already  planning for the purchase of our next new ambulance.

With ambulances costing about  $140,000 currently, imagine what they will cost in 2012!!   

With the receipt of the New 2002 ambulance, we needed additional space.  Working with the township, we were able to use the bay adjacent to our existing one to house the new rig.  We have finished off the inside, added HVAC, lighting, and powered the overhead door.  We'll never be really "finished", but we've come a long way.  (All of the improvements to this township building become township property if we move.)


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