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We, like every other volunteer organization, need the support of people who care enough to get involved - people who care enough to volunteer their services.  If you are a resident of South Harrison Township, and are interested in learning more about our squad, contact any member or leave a message on our answering machine at 769-0730, or contact the captain.

E-mail The Captain.
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For all others, contact your local ambulance, fire or rescue squad for information - they, and you, will be glad you did.

"I'm Only ONE Person in a Town of Thousands"

I want to txll you how important your support to us rxally is.  Without it, wx could not survivx.  Xvxry dollar wx raisx bxnxfits you.  Xvxry hour wx arx in sxrvicx is hxlping somxonx.  I want to txll you all this, but I havx a problxm with my computxr.  Xvxry timx I strikx an "x" I gxt an "x".  No big dxal, right?  Its only onx of 101 kxys, lxss than 1%. Its likx thx timx wx arx asking you to spxnd by bxcoming a mxmbxr - no big dxal, right?


Everyone is pressed for time.   With family, work, and other obligations, you probably feel you don't have time to volunteer.  What if everyone felt that way?  What if we felt that way?  The members of the ambulance squad have families, work, and other obligations too.  We still find the time to train, to practice and to respond when called.  There is always time to do the important things.  We don't all respond to every call (we typically run with a minimum of 3 members) - we do what we can when we can.  Your help is needed, so that someone will always be there when there is a call for help

Most of our ambulance calls take about an hour and a half.  Can you occasionally spare that much time out of your day to help your neighbors?  We need drivers as well as EMTs.

Come and talk to us - our meetings are 7:30 PM the third Wednesday of every month, at the Township building complex where we house our ambulance - or contact any member.

Top 10 Reasons We Get For Not Volunteering

1. I work all (day)(night).
2. I don’t have the time.
3. I have a family and kids.
4. I give at the office.
5. I sent a check
6. I can’t stand (blood)(vomit)(pain)(hospitals)
7. I am too (old)(young)
8. I don’t know the (roads)(hospitals)(people)
9. My (wife)(husband)(father)(mother) won’t let me.
10. I’m too tired.

Sound Like Excuses To You?

Where is it?

It's been forever

I don't know what to do.

Where is it?

Maybe it won't come.

I called - it seems like hours.

Where is it?

I sent a donation.

I need them now.

Where is it?

The letter said they need members.

"I don't have the time" I said.

Where is it?

What if nobody had the time?

Maybe it's not coming.

Where is it?

I promise, I'll volunteer next time.

Please, she's dying.

Where is it?

There - I see it!

The Ambulance is here.

I'll have to send a donation.

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